What are the X39 patches made out of?

LifeWave X39 Patches are made of a safe, nano-crystalline blend of water, oxygen, amino acids, and glucose. They do not contain drugs, stimulants or chemicals. The patches are gently placed on your body using a hypoallergenic adhesive to trap infrared light that is naturally emitted through your body heat.

The formulas are patented so details are not available. We collaborate with major universities and renowned medical facilities to research and test the effectiveness of our products.

WHAT ARE LIFEWAVE PATCHES? LifeWave patches consist of a hypoallergenic adhesive that can not be affected by body impurities and fat. They contain a mix of amino acids, water, sugars, oxygen and organic substances, applied to a polyester layer and sealed in a polymer covering. Nanotechnology (nano = 1 millionth of a millimeter) allows one to work with extreme precision and compounding at the atomic level. Consequently, the LifeWave patches are compounded from tetrahedic silica quartz nanocrystals that are assembled and positioned with extreme precision in an amino acid solution.

When they receive the infrared from the body, containing the information relating to the condition of the organ to which the acupuncture point is connected, the crystals vibrate and consequently bring about the rotation of the amino acids. This rotation sends a wave to the body which operates on the meridians freeing the bio‐energy flow of the concerned meridian and connected organ, realigning the frequencies to the original healthy state.

The LifeWave device is adhesive and hypoallergenic and, as such, it is applied to specific points of the body, just like an ordinary adhesive bandage. All LifeWave patches are produced at plants registered with the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, which meet the requirements of the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices, which is to say that their manufacture is guaranteed) and the QSR (Quality System Regulation, which is to say that they are certified in accordance with a quality system comparable to our ISO 13485).

The LifeWave products do not contain magnets, batteries, copper or harmful metals. The patches are not a transdermal infusion system, which is to say that they do not transmit any chemical component to the human body. Hence, this innovative technology uses nano‐structured biomolecular crystals (orthomolecular organic structures), made up of a mix of amino acids, water, oxygen and organic elements, set on a substrate of polyester, and sealed in a polymer shell that guarantees impermeability. All the active components are contained in the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Title 21 listing of substances generally recognized as safe as allowed by the Food and Drug Administration.

The nano‐structured biomolecular crystals passively interact with the human body, sending specific instructions to it, through the acupuncture points. A modulation of the electron flow and of the thermomagnetic frequency is induced, for the purpose of increasing particular biological reactions, which are naturally present in the human body. In other words, the LifeWave patches use the wide‐range infrared radiation, emitted by the human body, as an energy source that activates the nanocrystals inside the same and makes them operate as, non-chemical, molecular antennae and information transmission centers

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