X39 Stem Cell Activation

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X39 Stem Cell Activation

Your body is made up of trillions of cells, and each one has a specific job to do. Over time, however, cells can become damaged and die. New cells are then “born” to take their place. If the loss of cells is faster than regeneration, this can lead to a decline in your overall health. Enter x39 stem cell activation. This breakthrough technology helps to stimulate the production of new stem cells, which can then go on to repair damaged tissue and organs. In addition, x39 stem cell activation boosts the production of collagen and elastin, giving your skin a more youthful appearance. As we age, our bodies produce fewer and fewer stem cells. x39 stem cell activation provides a way to help reverse this process, providing a host of benefits for your overall health and well-being.

X39 Patch

The x39 patch is a new, revolutionary way to help the body heal itself. Using a blend of plant-derived stem cells and nanotechnology, the x39 patch helps to stimulate the body’s natural production of stem cells. Unlike other methods of stem cell therapy, the x39 patch does not require a hospital visit or expensive equipment. The patch can be worn for any length of time, and is safe for all ages. In addition, the x39 patch is disposable, so there is no risk of infection.

How Do Lifewave X39 Patches Work? 

The Lifewave X39 patches are said to work by stimulating the copper peptide GHK-Cu. This may be similar to lighting the fuse of a firecracker and setting off a chain reaction of stem cell activation. We have millions of stem cells on hand to help cells repair and replenish. Using Lifewave X39 patches is a novel way of gaining benefits without any invasive injections.

Activating Stem Cells The Secret of GHK-Cu:

Of all the incredible things that our bodies are able to do, perhaps none is more amazing than the ability to heal from injuries and disease. This process is made possible by stem cells, which are primitive cells that have the ability to develop into many different types of tissue. When we are injured or ill, stem cells are summoned to the site of the injury or infection, where they begin to proliferate and differentiate into the specific type of cell that is needed to repair the damage. In this way, our bodies are able to constantly renew and repair themselves, keeping us healthy and strong.

The Lifewave x39 patch is based on the remarkable properties of stem cells. When applied to the skin, it increases levels of a copper peptide called GHK-Cu in the body. GHK-Cu has been shown to activate stem cells, making them more available for healing. As a result, the patch can help the body tap into its own healing wisdom, using stem cells to start repairing itself from the inside out. Whether you’re struggling with an injury or chronic illness, the Lifewave x39 patch may be able to help your body heal itself more effectively.

• After Loren Pickart discovered GHK-Cu in 1973 many research studies were initiated. As these studies were reported in the scientific literature, numerous effects were identified as being caused by GHK. Over time the question arose of how could such a simple peptide cause such a wide range of effects (Pickart et al., 2018b). The answer came when gene expression studies were done on over 13,400 human genes. These gene expression studies found that GHK affected nearly 1/3 of human genes moving their gene activity to a more youthful state. 

• “GHK’s copper activates regenerative and protective genes (Pickart et al., 2017).” 

• GHK activates antioxidant genes (Pickart et al., 2015). GHK has been found to elevate levels of antioxidant enzymes and increase glutathione levels

• GHK stimulates expression of nerve-related genes involved in brain repair (Pickart et al., 2017). 

• GHK-Cu can directly modulate over 4000 human genes and more importantly can reverse gene expression to a more youthful healthier state producing an anti-aging effect (Lamb, 2007; Iorio et al., 2010; Campbell et al., 2012)! 

• GHK-Cu is present in large amounts when people are young, but the levels decline with age. GHK is typically released when tissues are injured which helps explain why people heal much faster when they are young than when they are of advanced age. Numerous clinical studies have now shown that methods that increase GHKCu cause injuries to heal faster (Pickart, 2008)

Wound healing 

• Deficiencies in GHK-Cu associated with aging can result in less optimal wound healing. 

• It is clear from multiple clinical studies that GHK-Cu can speed wound healing through a variety of mechanisms including increasing stem cells in the skin, producing growth factors, activating youthful genes, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, increasing antioxidant levels, reducing inflammation, and increasing blood flow into wounds (Pickart et al., 2008; 2012b; 2018b; Gul, 2008; Gruchlik et al., 2012

• By controlling oxidative stress and inflammation and by providing copper delivery to injured tissues several factors that impede wound healing can be addressed by GHK-Cu (Pickart, 2008). 

• “In 2003 Canapp et al. demonstrated that GHK-Cu improved healing of ischemic wounds and suppresses inflammation by lowering the level of acute-phase inflammatory cytokines such as TGF-beta and TNF-alpha (Pickart et al., 2012b).” 

• GHK by helping to reestablish blood flow into injured tissues provides essential nutrients and oxygen necessary for wound repair

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